Online Seminar Overview


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Our Online Seminar is a series of online videos that provide a comprehensive and highly detailed overview of the required reading to help you review the concepts as you prepare for the exam.  The online seminar is very similar to our live seminars.  Online seminar students are also provided with approximately 200 exam-style questions with full video solutions.

The nature of the Online Seminar allows students to view the seminar at their own pace and at their own convenience, pausing and viewing the material again as needed from the comfort of their own homes or offices. 

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Students who purchase our Online Seminar also receive email support and a copy of our eStudy Manual by email soon after their registration is confirmed.

Students will have access to the Online Seminar for 180 days.  If a student is unsuccessful, access to the seminar will be extended for another 180 days.

There are 63 video segments with about 20 hours of seminar video.



To Register for the Online Seminar

Students may register for the online seminar through either the Actuarial Bookstore (1-800-582-9672) or Actex (1-800-282-2839).  Students have access to the online seminar for 180 days.  If a student is not successful on exam day, the student's access to the online seminar will be extended for another 180 days.  Refunds for the online seminar cannot be provided once a student has started to view it.



Online Seminar Details


Part I: Introduction to Derivatives


    -Introduction to Derivatives

    -Stocks & Dividends

    -Expected Return

    -Long vs. Short

    -Forwards & Prepaid Forwards

    -Dividends & Forward Prices




    -Call Options

    -Put Options

    -Long vs. Short Reprise

    -Put-Call Parity Derivation

    -Put-Call Parity & Replication

    -Put-Call Parity & Exchange Options

    -Max & Min of 2 Assets

    -Put-Call Parity & Currency Options

    -Put-Call Parity Positions

    -Bull & Bear Spreads

    -Box Spreads

    -Butterfly Spreads

    -Ratio Spreads


    -Strangles & Straddles

    -Iron Butterflies

Part II


    -Put-call Parity & Synthetics

    -Arbitrage, Bid-Ask Prices, & Equity-Linked Products

    -Exchange Options

    -Currency Options

    -Option Bounds & Varying K

    -Prices & K, Spreads & Propositions 1 & 2

    -Proposition 3

    -Binomial Option Pricing

    -Realistic Probabilities & American Options

    -Index Options, Currency Options & Greeks

    -Options on Futures

    -The Black-Scholes Formula, Normal Dist., Dividends & Volatility

    -Currency Options & Options on Futures

    -The Greeks, Prices, Derivatives & Delta

    -Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho, Psi & Portfolio Greeks

    -Elasticity, Sharpe Ratio & Holding-Period Profit 

    -Market Makers, Delta Hedging & Approximations

    -Black-Scholes Equation, Market-Maker Profit & Rebalancing 

    -Delta-Gamma, Delta_gamma-Rho, & Delta-Gamma-Vega Hedging

    -Asian Options & Sampling Frequency

    -Barrier Options

    -Compound Options

    -Gap Options

    -All or Nothing Options


    -Exchange Options & Maximum & Minimum of 2 Assets

    -Chooser & Forward Start Options

    -Normal & Lognormal Distributions, Moments & Covariance

    -Stock Price Probabilities & Lognormal Confidence Intervals

    -Realistic Prob., Risk-Neutral Exp. & The Black-Scholes Formula

    -Mean Return, Lognormal Parameters & Volatility

    -Converting Uniform to Normal, Normal RV as Quantile & Simulating Stock Price Paths

    -Monte Carlo Valuation, Standard Deviation & Asian Option Valuation

    -Control Variate Method, Variance & Minimum Variance

    -Antithetic Method & Stratified Sampling

    -Bond Price Notation, Forward Interest Rates, Black Model, Caps, Caplets, Puts & Floorlets

    -General Binomial Model & Forward Rate Agreements

    -Black-Derman-Toy model


Please note that the online seminar is a dynamic product and that we will continue to update it in order to be most helpful for students to prepare for the exam, so we may modify it from time to time.  When significant changes occur, an updated seminar document will be emailed to students who have access to the online seminar.

The online seminar is for the exclusive use of the student who purchases it.  Within two business days after ordering the online seminar (but usually within a few hours), students are emailed information needed to create an online account that can be used to view the online seminar.  Usage is tracked by user name and IP address.  If suspicious activity is found, we reserve the right to suspend the account for violation of the terms of use.



Student Discount for Online Seminar

Students who are enrolled at an accredited college or university may qualify for a substantial discount for the Online Seminar.  To check to see if you are eligible for a $250 savings, please email us at info[at] using your student email address and provide the name of your college/university, the name of your math or actuarial professor along with his or her email address or phone number.  University students must inquire about this discount before placing an order for the Online Seminar to receive this discount.