Exam MFE Seminars


Online Seminar: 

The Online Seminar is viewable for 180 days (plus 180 more days if unsuccessful). The Online Seminar is substantially the same as the Live Seminar.



Live Seminar:

Summer/Fall 2017

At this time, we are not planning to offer a live seminar for the Summer or Fall 2017 exam cycle.



Seminar Summary

The ActuarialBrew.com MFE Seminars provide a detailed explanation of the MFE syllabus to help you quickly review the concepts as you prepare for the exam.  For students who had the unfortunate experience of failing the exam in a prior sitting, this seminar provides an excellent opportunity to review the course of reading and make the most of the remaining time until the exam.

Our MFE Seminar provides a comprehensive explanation of the required material with a special emphasis on:

  • difficult concepts
  • areas that are especially likely to be tested.

To get the most out of the seminar, students should have read through the course of reading at least once before the seminar begins.

Working exam-style questions is the real key to passing Exam MFE, so we spend a significant amount of the seminar working exam-style questions.  Seminar students are provided with approximately 200 exam-style questions, most of which will be worked in class.  Full solutions to the seminar practice questions are also provided.

Seminar students receive a copy of our eStudy Manual soon after registration is confirmed.

We provide seminar students with a copy of the seminar presentation, which includes a summary of important formulas and concepts, as well approximately 200 questions with full solutions. 

The Live Seminar is a 3.75-day seminar.  The seminar is an intensive, fast-paced review session that will cover the major topics of the required material.  Approximately 200 exam-style questions will be provided at the seminar.  We will work as many of these as possible in class.  Students can take the seminar handout and questions home with them to review and rework after the seminar ends.

The Online Seminar has 63 video episodes with about 20 hours of instruction.  The online seminar is very similar to the live seminars.



Seminar Details

Students who register for one of our MFE Seminars will receive a copy of our PDF eStudy Manual by email soon after seminar registration is confirmed.

Our seminars have been filled to capacity in the past, so it is best to register early.  Once a class fills up, a waitlist will be started.

We also offer an Online Seminar.  The online seminar provides about 20 hours of seminar video in 63 episodes.

We also offer a Seminar Combo package of our live seminar and our online seminar at a substantial discount.  More information is provided on the Seminar Combo page.

If you have registered for a seminar and have not received a confirmation email about the seminar within a week after registration, please send an email to info[at]actuarialbrew.com.  Sometimes firewall settings prevent emails from being delivered, so if you have not received an email within a few days of registering for the seminar, please let us know.



Host a Seminar

If your company is interested in hosting a seminar at your location, please let us know by sending an email to info[at]actuarialbrew.com



Seminar Instructor

Joe Francis, FSA, CFA

Francis is the author of ActuarialBrew.com's Exam MFE/3F Study Manual.  He also co-authored Financial Mathematics - A Practical Guide for Actuaries and Other Business Professionals, which is an approved text of the Society of Actuaries for Exam FM.  Francis has been teaching MFE/3F seminars since the exam was introduced.

Francis has 15 years of experience in the actuarial education field.  He also has almost 15 years of experience working in the insurance industry.

Francis has been teaching MFE/3F seminars since the exam was introduced in 2007.  He is also the actuary-in-residence at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne.