MFE Questions: over 500 exam-style practice questions

A solid understanding of the important concepts is crucial, but practice working exam-style questions is the real key to passing Exam MFE.  That's why we provide additional worked examples and over 500 exam-style questions in our MFE Questions. 

All of our practice questions have a difficulty rating assigned to them to help you gauge your progress.  Our questions are exam style in that they are multiple-choice questions, and their level of difficulty is similar to that of the actual exam questions.

Please note that the full solutions to the over 500 exam-style Questions can be downloaded for free from the MFE Downloads page or a professionally printed hard copy version can be purchased.

Our MFE Questions can be purchased as either an electronic file or a professionally printed, wire-bound manual. The difference in price reflects the cost to print the Questions. Some students may want to order both versions if they are interested in having both an electronic and a professionally printed copy. Please note that due to the electronic nature of the eQuestions, returns cannot be accepted and no refunds for the eQuestions will be possible.

Students receive 365 days of access to the eQuestions, which covers 3 exam cycles for MFE.


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The July 2017 edition is available here.


Please note that the 2016 edition is appropriate through the March 2017 MFE Exam. 

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Students receive 365 days of access to the eQuestions, which covers 3 exam cycles for MFE.



MFE Solutions: Complete Solutions to the MFE Questions

Full Solutions to the over 500 exam-style questions are available as a free download from the MFE Downloads page of our website.

A professionally printed hard copy can be purchased here:

Our solutions use the online normal distribution calculator with the rounding rule specified by the SOA, so you can work the practice problems using the same techniques that you'll use during the exam.