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For Exam MFE, we offer:



  • Live Seminar: A live seminar is not currently scheduled, 
  • Online Seminar: (ordered through the Actuarial Bookstore or Actex),
  • Seminar Combo: both Online and Live seminars.

Study Manual:



Set of 4 Practice Exams:


      Basic Combo:

  • Printed Study Combo: Study Manual, Questions and Set of 4 Practice Exams
  • Electronic Study Combo: eStudy Manual, eQuestions, and eSet of 4 Practice Exams

Complete Online Combo:

  • Complete Online Study Combo: Online Seminar, eStudy Manual, eQuestions, eSet of 4 Practice Exams and eFlashcards



For Exam FM, we offer an FM textbook and a Set of 3 FM Practice Exams.  For more information, please visit our FM Materials page.