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The MFE exam is offered through March of 2018.  The MFE exam will be replaced by the IFM (Investment and Financial Markets) exam in July of 2018. Solutions to Exams Released by the SOA and CAS

Students should work all the previously released SOA/CAS exams as well as the SOA 76 question bank:

Solutions to SOA MFE Spring 2007 Exam    

Solutions to SOA MFE Spring 2009 Exam    

Solutions to SOA Sample MFE Exam (aka SOA 76)

Solutions to CAS/CIA Spring 2007 Exam 3 

Solutions to CAS/CIA Fall 2007 Exam 3

The solutions to the CAS/CIA exams provide solutions for the MFE related questions.

The links to the exams released by the SOA and CAS can be found on our MFE Links page.   


Past SOA and CAS Exam Questions Broken Down by Chapter

Exam Analysis: Updated 01.21.16  



MFE Solutions to the Questions

A professionally printed complete Solutions to the July 2017 edition of the Questions can be purchased here as a separate product, or the full Solutions can be downloaded free using the following link.

The July 2017 edition of the MFE Solutions can be downloaded here.


For the Solutions to prior editions of the Questions, please visit the MFE Archives page. 



MFE Errata and Updates

MFE Errata - 2017 Edition: No errata to date

For the errata of prior editions, please visit the MFE Archives page.